TRTA Lobbyist, Jerry Winters spoke at the February RCRTA Member Meeting.

RCRTA Members Lobby Representatives in Nashville

Thank you, Judy Whitehall for a successful day of meetings with our local legislators on Feb. 22nd. Judy Whitehall, Mary Merrill, Ron and Rena Scudder, and Dick Conley discussed important topics with Bryan Terry, Tim Rudd, and Jim Tracey. They also attended one of the Senate Education committee meetings. RCRTA members will get specific details from Judy at our March meeting.


Rutherford County Legislators


Bill Ketron (R) Office 5LP, phone: 741-6853, Email:

Jim Tracy (R) Office 2LP, phone: 741-1066, Email:

House Members

Mike Sparks (R) Distruict, 49 Office 113 WMB, Phone: 741-6829, Email:

Bryan Terry (R) District 48, room G-24 WMB, Phone: 741-2180, Email:

Dawn White (R) District 37, Room 209A WMB, Phone: 741-6849, Email:


All legislators can be reached at 1-800-449-8366, then add the last four digits of their office phone number.

Go to TN general Assembly on the we and click on senators or house members for further info about all legislators.